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The label SNÜD Techo has existed since 2015 and stands for impulsive, straight techno. The founder Willy Elliot has built a strong crew that comes together constantly for events. They have produced and released music on well renowned sites.
In the future there will be first time releases on SNÜD Techno. If you like techno you will love SNÜD Techno!



Willy Elliot (*March, 22th. 1991 in Göttingen) is a DJ from Göttingen, who has made a name for himself due to his very own interpretation of electronic music. His passion for music evolved early. His first time behind a turntable was in 2010, where he played at disco party’s and earned his first attention. In 2014 he became resident DJ of the party series “Electronic Circus”. One year later he founded the Label “SNÜD Techno Rec.”, which stands for thrilling Straight Techno. Due to his successful gigs at festivals like the Kontrast Festival in Borken or the Open Flair in Eschwege his reputation began to rise at a crazy rate. After a short time the Label became pretty recognized and is growing with young and dedicated talents from the local region.


Young at age, but skilled at making versatile electronic music Leukozyt (* january, 27, 1990) started his carrier at the age of 15 with classic vinyl disks and the art of mixing and modifying the sounds. Ever since then its more than a hobby, but a passion. The digital technology enables him to use all the freedom and possibility’s to arrange the music to his will. With that he gives every set his own special flavour made of classic and alternative element’s directed by his creativity. Beyond that the sound follows a straight techno style, that forces everyone to freaking MOVE. That’s what is SNÜD about and that is why he and the label go hand in hand since the founding.


Since his early years Hammerschmidt (* march, 26, 1994) deals with music and the way of creating and shaping it. It was no surprise that he launched his first release even before getting experience by playing in clubs. With his unaffected and unique ways, he surprised and excited the clubs in Göttingen and beyond at several events. Due to his creativity and braveness to engage in many genres, his style evolves and refines from day to day. Because of his uniqueness and the friendship between him and the label head, he joined the SNÜD family in 2016.


Henny Alvero (* april, 20th, 1996 in Hann. Münden) is a German DJ and producer in the fields of house and techno. Already as a kid the interest in music awoke through playing drums. At the age of 16 he started his carrier at the local Hann. Münden as a Hip-Hop-DJ and became a well-known artist. With time passing he was ever more intrigued by the electronic style, so he focused on house and techno and started produce his own music. Up to now he has regular appearances in clubs in Kassel, Göttingen and beyond. At the club “Arm” he played along well-kwon actors like Sascha Dive Beatamines, Mark Reeve, Sascha Braemer, Fran&co and many more. He is also part of the labels Dejavue, Criminal Vibes and SNÜD Techno.


Kevin aka Schepper (* july, 11th, 1993) found his love for electronic music when he was 15 years old. It all began with electronic progressive house over minimal to deep house. When Kevin first came in to contact with techno at the age of 18, he could not stop listening to it. Come 2012 he started to produce music in several different genres. After a long time practicing he contacted DJ and music producer Michael Kohlbecker who passed on some tips and secrets. Since then he has released tracks on labels such as Vinyllover Recordings, KSR Limited and Blackaud.io Recordings. From 2018 to present day Kevin is a resident DJ of Criminal Vibes Party’s and a member of SNÜD Techno.

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